Smartphone addiction is a reality around the world.  Once a year for five hours, the MoodOff Day is celebrated through an absence of smartphone technology.

Smartphone Addiction

On the last Sunday of February every year, MoodOff Day is celebrated by hundreds of people around the globe who realise that their smartphone addiction has a detrimental effect on their relationships with those they love.  To counter this effect, a conscious decision and commitment to use no technology for 5 hours as soon as you get up from the bed, instead spending the time with their loved ones.
Simpler Times!

Breakfast before Browsing…

A Morning in a year without Technology

To participate in MoodOff Day to curb your smartphone addiction, we recommend you:
No smartphones!

  • Avoid touching your phone unless someone calls you
  • Avoid checking your e-mails and SMS’s (they don’t disappear…so we’ve been told!)
  • Please wait 5hrs after you get-up, to get your daily dose of Facebook and Twitter updates
  • Wait 5hrs after you get-up, to logon to World of Warcraft or Angry Bird (or whatever your favourite video game is)

We expect the digital deprivation will probably turn your mood off for a few hours. However, it could also provide you with an opportunity to try and do a few things you used to do before technology became so smart (if you don’t remember such a time, we are sure your dad might!)

Suggested alternatives during this time include:
New vs Old

  • Have a coffee with someone and share a joke
  • Go for a walk on your street and find out who your neighbours are
  • Sit down for breakfast with the family (and actually speak to the people around the table)
  • Read a newspaper (the old fashioned way!)

Counter Smartphone Addiction

By counteracting your smartphone addiction, even if only once a year for a couple of hours, you will be working toward rebuilding the face to face communication all humans desire.  Small steps may lead to bigger ones, and soon you may find that your smartphone is working for you like it should: for your convencience, at a time that is convenient to you without reducing your quality of life or relationships with your loved ones.

Corporate Supporters

  • LifeWise
  • Why Bankruptcy Rocks TV

Business Supporters

  • Smart Solutions
  • Byron PC Help

Personal Supporters

  • Real Mums
  • Mandy Nolan
  • Clay and Shauna Sauer
  • Tim E.D
  • Erik Bigalk
  • Kat Aoki
  • Heinz Duthel


  • "The fun stuff comes from real life itself; if you just switch off, put away expectations and sit back and watch, it's hilarious! Way better than LOL Cats! "
    –Amanda Cox Real Mums
  • "I habitually turn my phone off when in meetings and during meals. Nothing is worse than to go to meet someone and they are busy taking calls when we are supposed to connect or to let one's meals or time with family and children be interrupted by calls and messages."
    –Michael D. Russo Why Bankruptcy Rocks
  • "As a TV host, I can certainly understand the need in taking a time out more often than not in the world of technology. We have got to a point in society where a friend is replaced with something hand held, I join with moodoff day in taking just a little bit of our sensibilities and safety back!"
    –TIM E.D
  • "I wish we could have a moodoff day every month. What a great concept! Families need to reconnect and the only way to do it is to put your phone away and communicate the old fashioned way....face to face."
    –Shauna Sauer
  • "According to our research, texting and using our mobiles while driving has become part of normal everyday activity that most people do not even realise the risks they are taking with their own lives and the lives of others when they do this, so we encourage everyone to turn off, even if it is for just awhile."
    –Holly Dorber LifeWise
  • "I don't know how I managed my busy schedule before I had my smart phone. At least they are smart enough to have an 'off' switch. Using it is the hard bit."
    –Mandy Nolan Mandy Nolan
  • "We here at Smart Solutions PR support the MoodOff Day campaign, as we know how DISTRACTING smartphones can be during the work day. We say – try a morning without your smartphone. You might just like it!"
    –Smart Solutions Smart Solutions
  • "I'm sure we can all manage ONE MORNING a year without contacting someone on Skype, Facebook, Twitter, old-fashioned email, or gaming. I Challenge you to take the morning off..."
    –Diane Christie Byron PC Help
  • "I know I am guilty of smart phone addiction. Yet, have made a pledge to 'Moodoff Day' and to not 'Browse before Breakfast' every weekend!"
    –Erik Bigalk Smart Solutions PR
  • "I love the idea of a morning without smartphones. I’m going even further and keeping my smartphone off for the entire day!"
    –Kat Aoki