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Moodoff Day will hold its annual “Morning Without Technology” event on Sunday, Feb. 22, 2015

With smartphones becoming a steadily growing commonality in schools, they present a double-edged sword. On the one hand they can assist in learning and scheduling, whilst on the other creating an impersonal and socially challenging element, leading in its extremes to cyberbullying and abuse. MoodOff Day encourages schools and their students to get behind the initiative and raise more awareness of nomophobia and its social and societal impact.Putting aside a smartphone for just five hours on Sunday 22nd 2015, during the fourth annual Moodoff Day provides an opportunity to interact with loved ones and friends in a meaningful way. For those who wonder if they’re nomophobic, relinquishing the hold on their smartphone during Moodoff Day offers a potentially enlightening experience. The press release is can be seen in the PRWEB.

Moodoff Day 2014 Examines Smartphone Addiction with Worldwide Movement to Disconnect for a Day

Moodoff Day encourages individuals to turn off their smartphones and mobile devices for just five hours on Sunday Feb. 23, 2014 and spend time in the real world connecting with family. Life is short and human connections are precious. The Moodoff Day organization urges individuals around the globe to “Put down the smartphone and connect ‘cause you never know when your last interaction will be the last’. The press release is can be seen in the PRWEB

Smart hours looking for Smart people on ‘Moodoff Day’ 2013

The dangers of smartphone addiction are well documented, but few address the problem. Moodoff Day is providing smartphone users around the world with the opportunity to bring awareness to the problem by turning off technology for five hours during International Moodoff Day on Sunday Feb. 24, 2013. This year’s slogan is “Smart hours for Smart people without Smartphones”. The press release is can be seen in the PRNEWSWIRE.

Inaugural ‘Moodoff Day’ of 2012 an International Success

While the actual number of people who participated in Moodoff Day on February 26th is not known, there were hundreds of supporters in 20 countries who had pledged their participation, including in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Singapore, Australia and the United States. We had not anticipated reaching people in 20 countries. This just confirms that there is growing concern for smart phone addiction and its impact on our lives around the globe. The press release can be seen in the PRWEB and the article on american news report.


A lot of people are aware of Smart Technology Addiction and there is nothing new about it. But we believe this small message will help us to create community awareness among us and for our kids. Moodoff Day is launched on 26th Jan 2012 in Sydney.

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  • LifeWise
  • Why Bankruptcy Rocks TV

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  • Smart Solutions
  • Byron PC Help

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  • Real Mums
  • Mandy Nolan
  • Clay and Shauna Sauer
  • Tim E.D
  • Erik Bigalk
  • Kat Aoki
  • Heinz Duthel


  • "The fun stuff comes from real life itself; if you just switch off, put away expectations and sit back and watch, it's hilarious! Way better than LOL Cats! "
    –Amanda Cox Real Mums
  • "I habitually turn my phone off when in meetings and during meals. Nothing is worse than to go to meet someone and they are busy taking calls when we are supposed to connect or to let one's meals or time with family and children be interrupted by calls and messages."
    –Michael D. Russo Why Bankruptcy Rocks
  • "As a TV host, I can certainly understand the need in taking a time out more often than not in the world of technology. We have got to a point in society where a friend is replaced with something hand held, I join with moodoff day in taking just a little bit of our sensibilities and safety back!"
    –TIM E.D
  • "I wish we could have a moodoff day every month. What a great concept! Families need to reconnect and the only way to do it is to put your phone away and communicate the old fashioned way....face to face."
    –Shauna Sauer
  • "According to our research, texting and using our mobiles while driving has become part of normal everyday activity that most people do not even realise the risks they are taking with their own lives and the lives of others when they do this, so we encourage everyone to turn off, even if it is for just awhile."
    –Holly Dorber LifeWise
  • "I don't know how I managed my busy schedule before I had my smart phone. At least they are smart enough to have an 'off' switch. Using it is the hard bit."
    –Mandy Nolan Mandy Nolan
  • "We here at Smart Solutions PR support the MoodOff Day campaign, as we know how DISTRACTING smartphones can be during the work day. We say – try a morning without your smartphone. You might just like it!"
    –Smart Solutions Smart Solutions
  • "I'm sure we can all manage ONE MORNING a year without contacting someone on Skype, Facebook, Twitter, old-fashioned email, or gaming. I Challenge you to take the morning off..."
    –Diane Christie Byron PC Help
  • "I know I am guilty of smart phone addiction. Yet, have made a pledge to 'Moodoff Day' and to not 'Browse before Breakfast' every weekend!"
    –Erik Bigalk Smart Solutions PR
  • "I love the idea of a morning without smartphones. I’m going even further and keeping my smartphone off for the entire day!"
    –Kat Aoki