New survey shows Smartphone browsers smoke more

Web surfing on mobile devices increases the intake among Australian smokers  according to a new survey conducted by the International Moodoff Day  campaign. The study of 650 smokers carried out across different smoking  areas throughout Sydney showed they had at least one extra cigarette due to  being online.

Sydney, Australia – July 25, 2013 – The link between smoking and web surfing  was a surprising find for the non-profit Smartphone Awareness organization  Moodoff Day. The study showed that 10 percent of smokers that participated in the survey smoked at least one extra cigarette when browsing on their  Smartphone.

The survey also revealed that Australian women are more likely to slip in an  extra smoke compared to their male counterparts when browsing. The study  drew no distinctions between the types of browsing in which participants  were engaged in.

When the data was broken down, it demonstrated that 1 in 10 people (10  percent) smoked more while online. The survey revealed that one in every 8  women had one extra cigarette (12.5 percent), while only one in 12 men (8.3  percent) had one additional cigarette during smartphone browsing. The  connection between smoking and web browsing offers an interesting look at  the habits of smokers and the impact technology has on individual’s  behavior.

Not-for-profit MoodOff Day campaigns to raise awareness of Smartphone  Addiction and the impact this has on our lives. In its third year the  organization holds an annual awareness day on the last Sunday of February –  The next MoodOff Day will be held on Feb. 23, 2014.

The Moodoff Day initiative was founded to raise awareness of Smartphone  Addition by encouraging users to give up their mobile devices for at least 5  hours on the day.  The Australian-born campaign has received overwhelming  support in over 42 countries around the globe including Australia, India,  New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, the UK, Europe and the United States.

The annual event encourages people to turn off their mobile devices and  engage with friends and family, instead of escaping into the digital world.  The link between smoking and web browsing discovered by the MoodOff Day  survey provides a salient starting point for further discussion about  addiction pairing. The data also raises greater insight about the effects of  smart technology on mankind, now and into the future.

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  • "The fun stuff comes from real life itself; if you just switch off, put away expectations and sit back and watch, it's hilarious! Way better than LOL Cats! "
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  • "I habitually turn my phone off when in meetings and during meals. Nothing is worse than to go to meet someone and they are busy taking calls when we are supposed to connect or to let one's meals or time with family and children be interrupted by calls and messages."
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  • "As a TV host, I can certainly understand the need in taking a time out more often than not in the world of technology. We have got to a point in society where a friend is replaced with something hand held, I join with moodoff day in taking just a little bit of our sensibilities and safety back!"
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  • "According to our research, texting and using our mobiles while driving has become part of normal everyday activity that most people do not even realise the risks they are taking with their own lives and the lives of others when they do this, so we encourage everyone to turn off, even if it is for just awhile."
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