Smartphone addiction is a reality around the world.  Once a year for five hours, the MoodOff Day is celebrated through an absence of smartphone technology.


A Morning Without Technology for at least five hours, one day a year, is our mission.


Pledge not to text while driving, support MoodOff Day, spread the word and make a donation to our cause.

Smartphone Addiction in a Modern World

FOMO is the new name clever people have given to internet addiction and our need to constantly be in touch with the world around us through our smartphones. This always-on always-connected technology has made it much easier for millions of people around the world to feed their internet addiction.

Are you a smartphone addict?

Internet addiction is rampant on smartphones

  • You are driving to work and have stopped at a red light. One hand sits on the steering wheel while the other is furiously scanning your e-mails for the day.
  • You are at dinner with your husband or wife, enjoying a glass of wine and conversation. Suddenly your phone vibrates, and you look down to read your latest Facebook update, while your partner stares in disbelief.
  • In an office meeting you are browsing your smartphone for Twitter updates. Someone asks you a question, and when you look up, you realize that you have no idea what they just asked!
  • On a picnic you are busy browsing the internet while others are sharing a joke about you!

If you answered YES to any of the above, chances are good you are addicted to your smartphone!

Almost without realizing it, internet addiction has completely insinuated itself into the fabric of our daily lives, so much so that it is like a “second skin”, or “social skin” as it is now being called. Whether we are working or playing, one thing is clear: the influence, good or bad, of smart technologies in our lives is undeniable.

However, should internet addiction take precedence over our safety while driving, being present with others, and even be allowed to affect the quality of our relationships? If you are looking for assistance with your internet addiction and other smartphone disorders, we welcome you to our community.

Here at Moodoff Day, we want to make a token gesture to bring back a little balance to our lives and remind ourselves that a world still exists outside of our smartphone and social network! Internet addiction is now a recognized disorder, and we can make a difference with your help.

Join us on MoodOff Day!

Corporate Supporters

  • LifeWise
  • Why Bankruptcy Rocks TV

Business Supporters

  • Smart Solutions
  • Byron PC Help

Personal Supporters

  • Real Mums
  • Mandy Nolan
  • Clay and Shauna Sauer
  • Tim E.D
  • Erik Bigalk
  • Kat Aoki
  • Heinz Duthel


  • "The fun stuff comes from real life itself; if you just switch off, put away expectations and sit back and watch, it's hilarious! Way better than LOL Cats! "
    –Amanda Cox Real Mums
  • "I habitually turn my phone off when in meetings and during meals. Nothing is worse than to go to meet someone and they are busy taking calls when we are supposed to connect or to let one's meals or time with family and children be interrupted by calls and messages."
    –Michael D. Russo Why Bankruptcy Rocks
  • "As a TV host, I can certainly understand the need in taking a time out more often than not in the world of technology. We have got to a point in society where a friend is replaced with something hand held, I join with moodoff day in taking just a little bit of our sensibilities and safety back!"
    –TIM E.D
  • "I wish we could have a moodoff day every month. What a great concept! Families need to reconnect and the only way to do it is to put your phone away and communicate the old fashioned way....face to face."
    –Shauna Sauer
  • "According to our research, texting and using our mobiles while driving has become part of normal everyday activity that most people do not even realise the risks they are taking with their own lives and the lives of others when they do this, so we encourage everyone to turn off, even if it is for just awhile."
    –Holly Dorber LifeWise
  • "I don't know how I managed my busy schedule before I had my smart phone. At least they are smart enough to have an 'off' switch. Using it is the hard bit."
    –Mandy Nolan Mandy Nolan
  • "We here at Smart Solutions PR support the MoodOff Day campaign, as we know how DISTRACTING smartphones can be during the work day. We say – try a morning without your smartphone. You might just like it!"
    –Smart Solutions Smart Solutions
  • "I'm sure we can all manage ONE MORNING a year without contacting someone on Skype, Facebook, Twitter, old-fashioned email, or gaming. I Challenge you to take the morning off..."
    –Diane Christie Byron PC Help
  • "I know I am guilty of smart phone addiction. Yet, have made a pledge to 'Moodoff Day' and to not 'Browse before Breakfast' every weekend!"
    –Erik Bigalk Smart Solutions PR
  • "I love the idea of a morning without smartphones. I’m going even further and keeping my smartphone off for the entire day!"
    –Kat Aoki